How would clients describe me?

  • Good sense of humour
  • Great to work with
  • Is very detailed and co-ordinated
  • Loves ice cream

That’s what I’ve been told anyway…

The first time I set eyes on some HTML coding I wondered what it did, and looked at it with a very blank face – (I was about 12…) The good thing about that is that now, I can write fluently in HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL, just like I wanted to learn German… Although that didn’t happen.

Ich spreche schlecht Deutsch” is about as far as I got. (“I speak bad German”).

So I went away and did my GCSEs and AS Levels, although always putting my business first, didn’t do as well as I could have done… After all, it’s only a bit of paper… Isn’t it?

Whilst building the business I was learning more and more about the delights of HTML and working with CSS to create masterpieces until my first website came out. I can still remember the delight of my client – and my relief – when it went online.

From there I started moving about the business community in my area, picking up more clients, and proving that the young boy in the corner provided professional, effective and affordable web design and development.

Whoa, how things have grown. It’s all been a massive learning curve, taking me back to when I first set foot into the massive language of HTML – let alone CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL…

In around 2007, I got heavily involved in WordPress work, moving from Joomla as my CMS of choice. Since this time I have been developing, maintaining and troubleshooting plugins, themes and core code.

I was approached to create a very specific system back in 2009, which really spearheaded my work with internal comms and management systems – leading to more custom application development, with 1000’s pages, APIs, manufacturing 9001 process management, calendars, WordPress to app crossover and so much more.

More recently, I have been focussing my efforts on Google Analytics and Social Media tracking pixels – consent, integration and of course migration from Universal Analytics to GA4 (sunset of GA3 is June 2023…).

Every day is for living and learning, that’s how I see it anyhow. I’m always open to new technologies, software and challenges – that’s what makes life fun!

Anyhow. Enough about me… You’re on here to find out how I can help you – with great design, development and a keen eye I’m sure we can come to an arrangement. Drop me a line.

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